Vaulting Services

High Security Bullion Storage & Vault Services

Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve

  • Your precious metal is stored in a high security vaulting facility.
  • Guaranteed fully insured replacement of your stored bullion.
  • Remove the worry of your metals' security, with insurance and safe storage.
  • Selling is easy... simply call us to agree on a buy-back price - funds are directly transferred into your account.
  • Take possession with ease. Barred bullion may be collected or shipped at a fee.
  • Accurate transaction records and statements available on request.
  • Monthly audited storage accounts.


Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR) has a strategic alliance with GBA to provide you with a fully insured secure storage service. Sales of precious metals are facilitated by GBA whilst GBATR facilitates all vaulting and insurance services, including the secure transfer of sales and purchases between each facility.


1. I want to pay the lowest premium and have no other ongoing costs

2. I want the bars I have purchased stored for me

3. I want bars with serial numbers stored for me

4. I want bars or coins that I already own stored for me

5. Storage Fees