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Gold Price

22-Sep-2017, 19:43 AEST
AUD $1628.30
Exchange Rate: AUD to USD - 1.26
ProductSelling Price (AUD)Buy Back Price (AUD)
Gold Bullion Australia
Pool Allocated
Pool Allocated Gold$52.87$51.56
Gold Bars and Ingots
Baird & Co 100g Gold Cast Bar$5,357.16$5,156.02
Baird & Co 250g Gold Cast Bar$13,312.91$12,824.64
Baird & Co 500g Gold Cast Bar$26,550.82$25,649.28
Baird & Co 50g Gold Cast Bar$2,681.58$2,578.01
Baird 1kg Gold Cast 9999$52,971.64$51,298.56
GBA 1/2oz Gold Cast 9999$846.47$801.85
GBA 100g Gold Cast 9999$5,319.16$5,156.02
GBA 10oz Gold Cast 9999$16,504.41$15,955.64
GBA 1kg Gold Cast 9999$52,906.64$51,298.56
GBA 1oz Gold Cast 9999$1,665.94$1,603.70
GBA 250g Gold Cast 9999$13,272.91$12,824.64
GBA 2oz Gold Cast 9999$3,324.88$3,207.41
GBA 500g Gold cast 9999$26,453.32$25,649.28
GBA 5oz Gold Cast 9999$8,274.31$8,018.14
Gold Tael ABC 37.5g$2,031.94$1,933.51
PAMP 100g Gold Cast$5,362.16$5,156.02
PAMP 1kg Gold Cast$53,021.64$51,298.56
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 250g Gold Cast$13,322.91$12,824.64
PAMP 500g Gold Cast$26,560.82$25,649.28
PAMP 50g Gold Cast$2,685.58$2,578.01
Gold Coin
Eureka 1/2oz Gold Coin$871.47$801.85
Eureka 1/4oz Gold Coin$447.24$400.93
Lunar Rooster ABC 1oz Gold Minted Coin$1,678.94$1,603.70
Perth Mint 1/10oz Gold Coin$186.89$160.37
Perth Mint 1/2oz Gold Coin Lunar Rooster$879.47$801.85
Perth Mint 1/4oz Gold Coin Kangaroo$452.24$400.93
Perth Mint 1kg Gold Coin Lunar Rooster$53,671.64$51,298.56
Perth Mint 1oz Gold 2018 Year of the Dog Lunar Coin$1,723.94$1,603.70
Perth Mint 1oz Gold Coin Kangaroo$1,698.94$1,603.70
RCM 1g Gold Maplegram sheet x 8$478.97$412.48
Gold Minted Bar
Baird & Co 1/2oz Gold Minted 9999 Bar$852.47$801.85
Baird & Co 100g Gold Minted Bar 9999$5,372.16$5,156.02
Baird & Co 1oz Gold Minted Bar$1,676.94$1,603.70
Baird & Co 50g Gold Minted Bar$2,686.58$2,578.01
Baird & Co 5oz Gold Minted 9999$8,344.68$8,018.50
PAMP 1/2oz Gold Minted 9999$856.47$801.85
PAMP 100g Gold Minted 9999$5,376.16$5,156.02
PAMP 10g Gold Mint Buddha$561.72$515.61
PAMP 10g Gold Mint Ka’Bah Mecca$561.72$515.61
PAMP 10g Gold Mint Lakshmi$561.72$515.61
PAMP 10g Gold Mint LOVE ALWAYS$561.72$515.61
PAMP 10g Gold Mint Roman Cross$561.72$515.61
PAMP 10g Gold Mint Yisrael Chai$561.72$515.61
PAMP 10g Gold Minted 9999$559.72$515.61
PAMP 10oz Gold Minted 9999$16,669.40$15,955.63
PAMP 1g Gold Mint$79.37$51.56
PAMP 1g Gold Mint x25$1,566.29$1,289.01
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint Buddha$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint Ka’Bah Mecca$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint Lakshmi$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint LOVE ALWAYS$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint Roman Cross$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 1oz Gold Mint Yisrael Chai$1,679.94$1,603.70
PAMP 2.5g Gold Mint$170.93$128.90
PAMP 20g Gold Mint$1,100.43$1,031.20
PAMP 250g Gold Mint$13,552.91$12,824.64
PAMP 500g Gold Mint$27,025.82$25,649.28
PAMP 50g Gold Mint$2,690.58$2,578.01
PAMP 50g Gold Mint Buddha$2,694.58$2,578.01
PAMP 50g Gold Mint Ka’Bah Mecca$2,694.58$2,578.01
PAMP 50g Gold Mint Lakshmi$2,694.58$2,578.01
PAMP 50g Gold Mint Roman Cross$2,694.58$2,578.01
PAMP 50g Gold Mint Yisrael Chai$2,694.58$2,578.01
PAMP 5g Gold Mint$304.86$257.80
PAMP 5g Gold Mint Fortuna$299.86$257.80
PAMP 5g Gold Mint LOVE ALWAYS$299.86$257.80
PAMP 5oz Gold Minted 9999$8,359.68$8,018.50
Perth Mint 1oz Oriana Minted Gold Bar$1,688.94$1,603.70
Perth Mint 5g Minted Bar$299.86$257.80
RCM 1g Gold Maplegram sheet x 8$478.97$412.48

Silver Price

22-Sep-2017, 19:43 AEST
AUD $21.38
Exchange Rate: AUD to USD - 1.26
ProductSelling Price (AUD)Buy Back Price (AUD)
Gold Bullion Australia
Pool Allocated
Pool Allocated/gram Silver$0.71$0.66
Pool Allocated/Kg Silver$704.41$660.94
Silver Bars and Ingots
Baird 100oz Silver Cast Serialised Bar 999$2,206.20$2,055.77
Baird 1kg Silver Cast Serialised Bar 999$738.41$660.94
Baird 500g Silver Cast Bar 999$409.21$330.48
GBA 1kg Silver Cast 999$733.41$660.94
GBA 500g Silver Cast 999$381.21$330.48
GBA 5kg Silver Bar Cast 999$3,607.06$3,304.72
PAMP 1kg Silver Cast 999$756.41$660.94
PAMP 1kg Silver Cast 999 x 15$11,341.18$9,914.16
Perth Mint 1kg Silver Cast 999$744.41$660.94
Silver Coin
Eureka 1oz Silver Round$26.11$20.56
Eureka 1oz Silver Round x 25$637.80$513.94
Perth Mint 1kg Silver Coin Encapsulated$794.41$660.94
Perth Mint 1kg Silver Lunar Rooster Coin$839.03$661.54
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Coin Encapsulated x 100$2,661.20$2,135.86
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Coin Encapsulated x 20$538.24$427.17
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Coin Encapsulated x 500$13,341.01$10,679.31
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Encapsulated$28.11$21.36
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Funnel Web Spider Coin$27.11$20.56
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Kangaroo$27.13$21.38
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Kangaroo x 25$647.80$533.97
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Kangaroo x 250$6,233.00$5,339.65
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Lunar Rooster Coin$33.43$21.38
Perth Mint 1oz Silver Lunar Year of the Dog Coin$33.43$21.38
RCM 1oz Silver Superman Coin x 25$705.78$514.40
Royal Canadian 1oz Silver Maple$26.41$21.36
Royal Canadian 1oz Silver Maple x 25$655.30$533.97
Royal Canadian 1oz Silver Maple x 500$12,356.01$10,679.31
Royal Canadian 1oz Silver Superman$28.43$21.38
Silver ABC 1oz Minted Lunar Rooster Coin$30.41$20.56
Silver Minted Bar
Elemetal 1oz Silver Mint$28.11$20.56
Elemetal 1oz Silver Mint x 20$541.24$411.15
NTR 10oz Silver Mint$240.12$205.58
NTR 10oz Silver Mint x 10$2,361.20$2,055.77
PAMP 100g Silver Mint$109.84$66.09
PAMP 10g Silver Mint$28.88$6.61
PAMP 10g Silver Mint Lunar Monkey$28.88$6.61
PAMP 10oz Silver Mint$299.12$205.58
PAMP 1oz Silver Mint$44.41$20.56
PAMP 1oz Silver Mint Lunar Monkey$46.41$20.56
PAMP 1oz Silver Mint Lunar Snake$36.41$20.56
PAMP 50g Silver Mint$62.42$33.05
Perth Mint 1kg Silver Cast 999$744.41$660.94

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