Invest in gold and silver with your self managed super funds

A self managed superannuation fund protects your wealth and assets until the day you retire. Many clients have invested in precious metals as a strategy to preserve the value of their retirement fund.

Safeguarding your future

Financial advisers will tell you of the importance of a diversified portfolio.

Precious metal is an asset many investors seek when economic markets are uncertain. Why is this so?

It’s like a rainy-day fund to protect you against falling real estate prices, sporadic inflations, and volatile global market conditions. You may also increase your wealth along the way if gold or silver appreciates as it has done for the past decade.

  • Unlike other investments, gold and silver bullion will always be considered precious.
  • Bullion is a great tool to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth (insurance) – precious metals have a longstanding track record, and will always be considered lucrative.
  • There is potential to see a higher return on your investment, if and when the value of gold and silver appreciates.

Super Products for Super Investment

There are a number of things SMSF Trustees should consider when selecting the right assets to invest in for their SMSF porfolios:
– liquidity & ability to quickly buy and sell
– correlation to other assets in their portfolio
– asset’s purpose such as a crisis or inflation hedge
– management and production costs

To address many of the points above, a logical choice to invest in precious metals for your SMSF is to choose a Pool Allocated product.


An asset class that ticks all the boxes

John and Liz have traditionally invested in property and shares; they have a successful business and they have invested wisely over the years.

However, as they approach retirement they are concerned that economic volatility will erode their hard earned nest egg; and they don’t want to tie everything up in property in case they need access to funds.

After considerable research, John and Liz decided that investing in gold and silver suited their circumstances. They can sell down at a moment’s notice but also feel confident that their investment will still hold it’s value for our future generations.

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Does my precious metal need to be stored in a vaulting facility?

This is a question for your financial adviser, as it depends on the type of asset and the requirements as stated in your SMSF Trust. Generally, collectable items such as coins are required to be stored and insured at a purpose built secure environment rather than held by the trustees.

Does my precious metal need to be audited?

Although Serial numbered bars greatly assist with SMSF auditing procedures, they do come at a higher cost and are not mandatory. Many auditors insist that SMSFs demonstrate their bullion holdings are being stored safely and at arms-length. The vaulting services provided by Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR) are becoming increasingly popular, and they meet these strict SMSF storage guidelines no matter which product you choose.

Will my accountant have access to the reports they need?

Yes. You will have access to online metal account statements providing current valuation, transaction history and account details.

What type of precious metal can my SMSF invest in?

It is wise to speak with your financial adviser regarding the type of product and the investment strategy. At GBA we see many SMSF investors purchasing cast bars and pooled allocated due the cost effectiveness and ability to regularly top up investments.

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