Do you have questions about Gold and Silver Trading?

frequently asked questions About our gold & silver trading Services.

  1. Buying from Gold Bullion Australia
  2. Location and Trading Hours
  3. Bullion Products
  4. Bullion Storage Products
  5. Bullion and Product Pricing
  6. Customer Registration
  7. Payment
  8. Collections and deliveries
  9. Selling Bullion
  10. Investor Information


1. Buying from Gold Bullion Australia

How do I buy from Gold Bullion Australia?

Who can buy from Gold Bullion Australia?

Is there a maximum and/or minimum order value?

When can I place an order?

Are my prices locked in when I place my order?

Can I change my order after I have placed my order?

Can I cancel my order once I have submitted it?

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2. Location and Trading Hours

Where are Gold Bullion Australia’s offices located?

Where is your public trading office, and what are your trading hours?

Which services are available at your public trading office?

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3. Bullion Products

Do you guarantee the purity of the metals?

What purity are the products that Gold Bullion Australia sells?

How many grams are there in an ounce of gold and silver?

How many ounces are there in a kilogram of gold and silver?

Why do some bars come with a certificate?

Will I receive more money on the sale of my bar if I have a certificate with my bar?

Is there a difference between GBA branded bars, Metalor, NTR, and PAMP brands?

Why are minted products and smaller bars more expensive?

How do I know the bullion bars you sell are not filled with tungsten?

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4. Fully Insured Vaulting

Where can I have my bullion put into a vault?

Is my bullion secure in the vault and is it insured?

How do I know my metal is safe?

Which bullion products can I purchase and have stored?

What are Gold Bullion Australia's storage and insurance fees?

What happens if I wish to sell my metal from storage and my storage fees have not been paid?

Can I visit the vault and look inside?

Would you store metal that I have purchased previously from Gold Bullion Australia?

Would you store metal that I did not purchase from Gold Bullion Australia?

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5. Bullion and Product Pricing

What does the AUD spot price mean?

Why does the exchange rate matter when it comes to gold?

Why do you not sell at the spot price?

Can I pay with US dollars?

How accurate are the prices on your website?

Is GST charged on gold and silver?

What are your buy-back prices?

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6. Customer Registration

What is the minimum age of bullion customers?

Do I need to register as a customer?

Is there a fee to register an account?

How do I open a customer account?

What happens if I was unable to register online, because my details did not match?

Is my personal information that I provide you kept secret?

Why do I need to provide identification to buy or sell?

What should I do if my password becomes lost or stolen?

Can I scan and email, or fax my identification?

Who can certify copies of my ID documents?

When will I know that I can begin trading online?

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7. Payment

Which payment methods do you accept?

Does Gold Bullion Australia accept credit cards for payment?

How quickly is payment of my order required?

What will happen if payment is not received in the required time?

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8. Collections and deliveries

Can I collect my order from any of your offices?

Who will courier my purchase to me?

How will my order be delivered?

How are freight and insurance calculated for website orders?

When will my order be dispatched?

To which address should I have my parcel sent to?

Is my parcel covered by insurance in case it is lost?

General courier - will you courier to a residential address?

May I send someone to collect an order on my behalf?

How much are delivery fees?

How long will a delivery take to reach me?

Can I return my goods after I receive them?

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9. Selling Bullion

Does Gold Bullion Australia buy back bullion?

After agreeing to a price, how will I receive payment?

I have some jewellery or non-bullion precious metal to sell- do you purchase it?

Can I buy wholesale?

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10. Investor Information

Who invests in gold and silver?

What has been the relevance of physical gold and silver to investors historically?

Can I invest using a superannuation fund?