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Gold Bullion Australia offers wholesale gold & silver prices to dealers who have a proven trade history and turnover. If you can demonstrate your legitimacy we can offer you our wholesale services. Please complete the enquiry form below and submit it for review. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Competitive or wholesale pricing – is there really a difference??

The definitions of these terms are quite different, but in many cases the net result for a customer can be the same. Everyone wants the best price possible for their purchase, so there are some points to consider to ensure you purchase competitively. Investors familiar with the physical gold and silver market are aware that the over spot premiums paid will vary from product to product. This can be attributed to a number of factors including:

1/.      The size of the product

As with many products, the larger the item, the lower the percentage of costs involved in its trade. It takes 32 times the effort to produce 1kilo of gold in 1oz bars as it does to produce a single 1kg bar.

2/.      The style, manufacturing and packaging method used to present it      

Cast products have much lower production costs than minted bars or coins. Although they are very attractive, consider how much extra the fine detail, precise production and elegant packaging is adding to your purchase. Also consider whether you are likely to recoup this extra cost when you sell. In most instances, a cast product is completely appropriate and can be a smarter way to purchase.

3/.      The point of origin or supplier

Consider how many times an item has to change hands before it arrives at its destination and also how much it will cost to transport. Buying Australian product over imported items can represent savings that can really add up.

4/.      The quantity purchased

If you are considering purchasing a large amount of bullion, in addition to choosing the size carefully, always ask if a better rate can be obtained. If we can do better for you, we certainly will.

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