Self Managed Super Funds

Invest in Gold and Silver with Your Self Managed Super Fund

Invest in your retirement with a self managed super fund

A self managed superannuation fund protects your wealth and assets until the day you retire. Many clients have invested in precious metals as a strategy to preserve the value of their retirement fund. Most financial experts these days recommend you hold a diversified portfolio of investments, ranging from risky stocks to low risk assets (such as bullion). Holding a certain percentage of your wealth as physical bullion helps you safeguard your wealth, and protects you from the risks of a traditional investment portfolio.

safeguarding your future

Many financial advisors recommend you hold at least 10% – 20% of your investment portfolio in physical precious metals. Why this number? It's like a rainy-day fund to protect you against falling real estate prices, sporadic inflations, and volatile global market conditions. You may also increase your wealth along the way if gold or silver appreciates.

  • Unlike other investments, gold and silver bullion will always be considered precious.
  • Bullion is a great tool to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth (insurance) – precious metals have a longstanding track record, and will always be considered lucrative.
  • There is potential to see a higher return on your investment, if and when the value of gold and silver appreciates.

do i need to have my bars audited?

The most popular bullion bars purchased from GBA for self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are serial numbered bullion bars. Serial numbered bars greatly assist with SMSF auditing procedures. Many auditors insist that SMSFs demonstrate their bullion holdings are being stored safely and at arms-length. The vaulting services provided by Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR) are becoming increasingly popular, and they meet these strict SMSF storage guidelines.

Should i vault my gold and silver?

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