Gold & Silver Refining Services

WHat is refining?

Aside from the mining process, gold and to some extent silver can also be recovered from their previous manufactured forms. Most of the world's gold that is not held as investment bars is used in the manufacturing of jewellery and also as dental alloys. Globally this represents a large amount of gold held in jewellery items of various purities.
Being as the world supply of jewellery items regardless of their origin contain a significant amount of gold, and that the costs for the retrieval of it compared to the high cost of the mining process means that it is extremely viable to retrieve this gold from the jewellery form.
To do this, one must analyse the contents of the item to identify not only the gold percentage, but also the other metals present so they may be removed properly. This process is known as assaying, whereas the process of the removal of other metals and impurities is called refining.
To be accurate, these processes need to be carried out by professional refiners who have the skills, knowledge and equipment to maximise the amount of purified gold returned from the material. There are a variety of processes available to refiners to achieve this goal and they will be chosen to best suit the material presented to them.


Gold Bullion Australia offers a service for both the assay (content quality), and/or refining requirements for a range of precious metals types including old, broken or unwanted jewellery of large or small quantities, dental prostheses and natural gold in either nugget or alluvial flake or dust form. These refining processes of course carry a cost and it may not always be a viable option to refine your precious metal.

The quantity of metal required to provide a viable result will vary according to the likely purity of the material presented - for instance, you would need double the amount of 9ct jewellery to yield the same amount of pure gold than you would 18ct. The content of the 18ct item has double the percentage amount of pure gold, so the effort required and therefore the processing fees will end up being a smaller percentage of the yield.

Gold Bullion Australia will explain the fees required to process your gold and can help you decide whether the amount that you wish to process is likely to be worthwhile. If you decide that it isn't, you can then choose to either wait until you can amass more material, or you can choose to sell your items as they are.

Gold Bullion Australia has accurate methods of estimating the likely purity of many kinds of gold materials, as well as confirming the purity of stamped jewellery. We are able to offer you a fair price based upon the market value at the time, so if you have unwanted jewellery and you prefer not to have it refined then why not get cash for your gold & silver today.

How do i get my metal refined?

Your refining product must be received at our public trading office by:

  • Personally bringing it to our public trading office in QLD.
  • Couriering the product to our public trading office in QLD.
  • On receipt of your refining, the product will be weighed, and you'll be provided with a receipt. Your refining job will be sent to the refiners, and depending on how busy the refinery is, a result should be expected within 5 – 10 business days.

what is the Refining process?

The refiners will conduct one of the following refining processes to determine the precious metal content of your metal:

  • Fire and chemical assay.
  • Inductively coupled plasma spectrometry analysis.
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry analysis.
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy.

and on the completion of my refining job?

On completion of your refining job, a refining fee will need to be paid. You can then choose to:
  • Sell your refined metal back to us.
  • Store your metal as desired.
  • Or convert your gold granules to bullion

For more information or inquiries about getting cash for gold, please get in touch with us today