Secure Gold & Silver Delivery

Safe and secure

Safe and secure delivery is critical when dealing with precious metals. We strive to fast-track the delivery process for you so you can take delivery from the very next day, depending on the type of courier service used, and the weight of your parcel. Please note that some services may take longer for delivery.  Please read the following to see what type of delivery service may apply to your order: general courier, security courier or special delivery.


If you use a general courier for orders under 5kg your bullion will be delivered via an overnight courier service. Parcels greater than 5kg may take a little longer. A maximum of 30kg per day can be delivered per person. Authorised signatories/recipients for parcels must be provided prior to dispatch. A tracking number will be sent to you after dispatch, so you can monitor the movement of your package while it's on its way to you. Full courier contact details will be given to you so you can get in touch with them if there are any issues. Additional optional insurance is also available if you want extra security. We prefer to deliver a parcel to a business address as opposed to a personal one, however it’s not mandatory.

Please be aware that photo identification will be required for approval and clearance of your package.


A security courier is used when a single bullion unit is valued over $30,000.00AUD. We also use a security courier for other high-value orders. Optional services at an additional cost are available for orders under $30,000.00AUD, although a general courier can amply cater for these orders. A majority of security courier services request delivery to business addresses for security measures. The cost of a security courier depends on your order, and delivery location. Additional insurance is included at no extra charge.

Please be aware that photo identification will be required for approval and clearance of your package.


If you have special delivery requirements, contact us to discuss your specialised courier costs.


        Weight Cost
0 to 5kgs $25
5kgs to 10kgs $40
10kgs to 20kgs $50
20kgs to 30kgs $60
30kgs to 40kgs $70
40kgs to 50kgs $80
50kgs > $80
       Insurance %
Silver 0.8
Gold 0.5